CRC TRR 228 Project Z01

Z01 Central Administrative Project

Z01 Administrative Project

General Task

Establish management structures and provide a conducive environment fostering inter-disciplinary collaboration and cross-project and cross-site comparison.

Additional Tasks

The CRC’s public outreach consists of the presentation of the research activities and results via print and social media, internet presence, and public events such as workshops and kickoff events. Apart from media output, the CRC continues to organize a number of events, specifically aimed at presenting the research center to a wider public. In addition to kick-off symposia in Namibia and Kenya, the CRC, together with scientific partners, also organizes a number of stakeholder and scientific workshops, as well as training sessions on methods and data analysis.

The CRC spokesperson Prof. Bollig, in close collaboration with the co-spokesperson Prof. Klagge, will be the project leader for the central administrative project Z01. He will give general directions concerning work flows and responsibilities, be responsible for the management of part of the funds, and have managerial oversight over the staff employed in the project.
The scientific coordinator of the CRC will oversee the allocation of funds applied for in this project. In collaboration with other members of the CRC, the coordination office will be responsible for the organization of workshops (kick-off, CRC retreats, conferences, summer schools), partner invitations, and related arrangements. Members of the office will act on behalf, or as representatives of, the executive board concerning logistical tasks and communication with service providers. Furthermore, the day-today managerial tasks within the CRC will be handled through the office (i.e. press releases, public relations, etc.). Kick-off workshops and training sessions on methods and data analysis are planned to present the research program and rationale to participating institutions, researchers, and other interested parties. To the CRC‘s own researchers these workshops shall provide an opportunity to present their research plans and discuss them with local counterparts to plan joint exercises and to identify aspects where synergies can be achieved. Next to these, the CRC continues to conduct workshops and retreats to take place among all members, as well as PIs and PhDs respectively to allow for in depth discussions of ongoing research, preliminary results, the joint preparation of publications and conference contributions, etc.

Although both host Universities (Bonn and Cologne) do already have structures in place to allow for the training of early career researchers, the CRC seeks to add to these offers by providing thematically suited workshops and trainings (see also Z04, IRTG). The central project Z01 also has the responsibility to ensure tackling the challenges linked to increasing diversity in academia which include, but are not limited to, gender equality. A key aim of the CRC is to offer equal opportunities in this highly diverse research setting. To do so, (1) the strong patriarchal bias of both social and academic structures characterizing our research contexts in Sub-Saharan Africa will be taken into account. Moreover, (2) while hosting and collaborating with a large number of fellow academics from all over the world, it is of great significance for us to form research teams that see diversity as a distinct resource.
(3) Finally, we wish to address the issue of gender equality on a more local level by specifically targeting the challenges in our German academic setting.

Gender equality and diversity are targets at all stages of academic qualification in the CRC. Existing offers at both universities, such as MeTra or the Cornelia-Harte program, the Argelander program, and offers by graduate schools are complemented by:

Gender Balance and Diversity Funnel: Mentoring, training and coaching for (female) ECRs to support informed decision making and facilitate career development.

Female Career Circle: Peer-exchange on the compatibility of life and career planning across disciplines and status groups.

Young Parents Travel Support (field+CRC): ECRs with children balancing career and personal life are supported at home and in the field.

Childcare: Support during fieldwork and CRC events.

Sensitisation and Diversity Workshops: Rais awareness on positionality and power structures to allow gender- and diversity-sensitive research.

Crc z01- administration, Schaubild

Reliable and lively partnerships continue to be essential for the planned programme and cooperative research activities. Z01 will facilitate guest communications and travel in line with the CRC‘s research agenda.

Z01 will continue to organize kick-off workshops, survey meetings, and meetings that foster interdisciplinarity, coherence and workflows within and between projects and regional groups.

1. Organization of regular trainings and workshops for ECRs on topics related to future-making in rural Africa

2. Annual project retreats

3. Regular Jour Fixe meetings

4. CRC Public Lecture Series

Project News

delegations of mzumbe university and the departemnt of geography at the university of bonn

Vice-Chancellor of Mzumbe University Visits Department of Geography in Bonn

A delegation from Mzumbe University in Tanzania recently visited the University of Bonn’s Department of Geography. Mzumbe University is a a partner institution in the ...
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thumbnail for this entry of the wawili toolbox blog series

Wawili Toolbox Entry 6: Contested Roles and Expectations

The arrival at Mt. Paka and life among the pastoral community is something that will be explored below. Of course, in retrospect, many experiences appear ...
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PhD students during a workshop

Workshop: Navigating Power Relations and Intersectional Dynamics in Empirical Research

During a workshop titled “Navigating Power Relations and Intersectional Dynamics in Empirical Research”, organized by Future Rural Africa’s Administrative Project Z01, the Collaborative Research Centre’s ...
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Web Cover announcing the recipient of the future rural africa female researcher's grant 2024

Recipient Announced – Future Rural Africa Female Researcher’s Grant 2024

The Board for Gender Equality & Diversity is pleased to announce the recipient of the Female Researcher’s Grant 2024: Victoria Kariathi: To Examine the Relationship ...
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picture taken during a workshop at the university of bonn

“Prevention and Handling of Sexual Harassment”: CRC-TRR Board for Gender Equality and Diversity Organises Interactive Lecture For All Project Members

Gender equality and diversity are crucial aspects for our research centre as they foster a culture of inclusivity and bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas ...
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Thumbnail for a website post

Wawili Toolbox Entry 5: The Start of Fieldwork

When does research actually start? As a doctoral candidate, you don’t just hop on a plane, arrive in Kenya, travel to the research region, and ...
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cover for a web post announcing the future rural africa female researchers' grant 2024

Female Researcher’s Grant 2024: Call for Applications

Application Deadline: 30 March 2024 Applications are now open for the 2024 Future Rural Africa Female Researcher’s Grant. The aim of the grant is to ...
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thumbnail for a website post

Wawili Toolbox Entry 4: Introduction to our research area – The Amboseli ecosystem

The Amboseli ecosystem is the land that surrounds the Amboseli National Park found in south-western Kenya along the Kenya-Tanzania border, and lies on the northern ...
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Thumbnail for a website post

Wawili Toolbox Entry 3: East Pokot

What’s East Pokot? East Pokot is a region named after a group of people called Pokot who live in Kenya. It’s a pastoral community with a ...
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Thumbnail for a website post

Wawili Toolbox Entry 2: Betty, Francis and Richard

My name is Richard Kiaka. I am an anthropologist researching on a wide range of topics, especially on community conservation. I did fieldwork for my ...
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Thumbnail for a website post

Wawili Toolbox Entry 1: Kudee and Peter

Karam nyoman! We would like to introduce ourselves: Kudee and Peter. As one of the two teams participating in the ‘Mtu ni Watu’ project, we ...
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Cover Image for a Website Post

CRC-TRR Future Rural Africa Researcher Theobald Frank Theodory Awarded Professorship at Mzumbe University

Prof. Theobald Frank Theodory has been involved with the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC-TRR) Future Rural Africa since before its official launch in 2018. After attaining ...
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cover image for a website post

Research Initiative Sharing a Planet in Peril invited to submit full proposal for a Cluster of Excellence

2 February 2024 The research initiative “Sharing a Planet in Peril” is building an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers in order to examine how ...
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Living with ruins: ruination and future-making in Kenya (and beyond) – CRC-TRR 228 Led Open Access Special Issue of Journal of Eastern African Studies

Uroš Kovač (Future Rural Africa Project B04 Projecting Futures) and Anna Lisa Ramella (Future Rural Africa Project C06 Testing Futures) edited a special issue of ...
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A cover image of the CRC Future Rural Africa

Workshop: Imposter Syndrome – A Mindful Approach to Imposter Experiences

On Monday, the 19th of June, 2023, CRC female researchers met in a workshop on “Imposter Syndrome: A Mindful Approach to Imposter Experiences” initiated by ...
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Cover Image Recipient CRC female researchers grant 2023

Recipient Announced – Future Rural Africa Female Researcher’s Grant 2023

The Board for Gender Equality & Diversity is pleased to announce the recipient of the Female Researcher’s Grant 2023: Sylvia Kiamba: The Social Implications of ...
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A poster of a crc public lecture event

CRC-TRR Public Lecture: Emmanuel Sulle & Dorothea Kleine

Mon | June 12, 2023 | 14:15 – 17:45  CET We are excited for the next volume of the Future Rural Africa Public Lectures Series. ...
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The Logo of ECAS Conference 2023

CRC-TRR Future Rural Africa at ECAS 2023

As ECAS 2023 is set to begin in Cologne on May 31, we are not only thrilled to announce that the CRC Future Rural Africa ...
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African Futures all around website

Public Programme: African Futures all around

Against the backdrop of ECAS 9 “African Futures”, the city of Cologne has made a considerable sum available to organize the “African Futures – all ...
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poster announcing a joint crc & unam book launch

Joint Booklaunch: Future Rural Africa & University of Namibia

Windhoek, Namibia I TUE 28 February 2023    We are thrilled to announce the launch of two books based on research carried out in the ...
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CRC-TRR Public Lecture: Katrin Böhning-Gaese

CRC-TRR Public Lecture: Katrin Böhning-Gaese

Mon | Feb 6, 2023 | 16:15 – 17:45  CET CRC-TRR 228 Future Rural Africa Public Lectures Series: Katrin Böhning-Gaese (Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research ...
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Future Rural Africa at Berlin Science Week

[Video] Future Rural Africa at Berlin Science Week: the Future lies in Africa

To watch the full video click here. Berlin Science Week is an annual science festival that brings together thousands of people from the worlds of ...
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CRC lecture series robert marchant

CRC-TRR Public Lecture: Robert Marchant

Mon | Dec 12, 2022 | 16:15 – 17:45  CET Public Lectures Series: Robert Marchant (University of York) Tracing the past, present and future evolution ...
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CRC group photo

Report: CRC-TRR 228 Future Rural Africa Summer School Kenya 2022

The Collaborative Research Center-TRR 228 Future Rural Africa conducted the Kick-Off event of the second funding phase and 2022 summer school in Nairobi and Naivasha ...
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poster crc public lecture boniface kiteme

CRC-TRR Public Lecture: Endangered Futures? – Dr. Boniface Kiteme (CETRAD, Kenya)

Mon | Oct 17, 2022 | 16:15 – 17:45  CEST Public Lectures Series: Dr. Boniface Kiteme (CETRAD, Kenya) Endangered futures? – Land-use transformation and sustainability ...
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bsw22sharepic02 scaled e1664889461281

“Future Rural Africa” at Berlin Science Week 2022: The Future Lies in Africa

The Future Lies in Africa FR | NOV 04, 2022 | 11.30 – 13.00 BERLIN TIME The future is a battlefield of hopes and fears, ...
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ms wissenschaft science exhibition

Riverboat Turned Science Centre: CRC Exhibit Voyages Through Germany

The Collaborative Research Center (CRC) “Future Rural Africa” is one of several exhibitors on the “MS Wissenschaft”, a floating science centre on a former transportation ...
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poster crc public lecture windhoek

Public Lecture Series UNAM, Windhoek (20-22 September 2022)

In light of the CRC Kick-Off event for the second funding phase, University of Namibia, University of Cologne and University of Bonn present this three ...
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poster crc kick off and summer school in windhoek

Kick-Off 2nd Funding Phase & CRC Summer School 2022 Windhoek (19-23 September)

The kick-off event for the CRC’s second funding phase in Windhoek is around the corner. On Monday, 19 September 2022 participants from high ranking government ...
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crc brochure and workshop invitation

(Un)limited Possibilities: A Workshop on Gendered Safety and Positionality During Fieldwork

Workshop on safer fieldwork On August 22 and 23, the gender board organised the first workshop in the second phase: “(Un)Limited Possibilities? A workshop on ...
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Event flyer of the workshop on gendered safety and positionality in the field

Upcoming workshop: Gendered safety and positionality during fieldwork

(UN)LIMITED POSSIBILITIES? A workshop on gendered safety and positionality during fieldwork with Tamara Gupper, Kira Kreft and Laura Thurmann (Safer Fieldwork Project). Details at a glance ...
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poster public lecture gatheni

Public Lecture: Contemporary Politics of Knowledge and African Initiatives in Decolonization of African Studies

As Chair of Epistemologies of the Global South at the University of Bayreuth and with over 100 publications in the fields of African history, African ...
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crc public lecture matin qaim and bram büscher

CRC 228 Lecture Series Summer 2022

On 30th of May 2022, the next CRC228 lecture series presentation will take place. Prof. Dr. Matin Qaim (Director at the Center for Development Research) will ...
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Tree in the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area

Female Researcher’s Grants 2022: Call for Applications

This year, we are pleased to announce two Female Researcher’s Grants. The aim of the grants is to promote female researchers at all stages of ...
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poster Booklaunch_AfricanFutures

Virtual Booklaunch “African Futures” 22.04.2022

Join us for a virtual book launch event for an essay collection on “African Futures”, edited by Clemens Greiner, Steven van Wolputte and Michael Bollig ...
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Book in library with open textbook,education learning concept

Postdoc-Programme For Female Researchers With Family Responsibilities (“Kopf frei”)

The new call for the female Postdoc-Programm “Kopf Frei” in the framework of the Female Professors Programme for the year 2022 is now published. Applications ...
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Book in library with open textbook,education learning concept

Postdoc-Programme For Female Researchers With Family Responsibilities (“Kopf frei”)

The new call for the female Postdoc-Programm “Kopf Frei” in the framework of the Female Professors Programme for the year 2022 is now published. Applications ...
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Kenyan Senior Researchers

Kenyan-based senior researchers join CRC as Principle Investigators

‘Incorporating African scholars in the PI capacity at the CRC is reflective of the much-needed inclusivity and forward-thinking mindset required in academia today…,’ says Hellen ...
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Illustrative image of different hands united in a teamwork concept. Picture courtesy of

Broadened perspectives: The case of gender, diversity and inclusivity

The killing of George Floyd in 2020 and the aftermath it caused, were a global turning point concerning issues of systemic racial discrimination. This injustice ...
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(Left - Right) Doctoral Students, Eva Kasinda and Fenny Nakanyete Ndapewa from the University of Namibia

University of Namibia’s Junior researchers contribute to CRC’s research agenda

In a pioneering model, the CRC-TRR 228, together with the German Development Bank (KfW) is funding research of junior researchers at the University of Namibia ...
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Energy infrastructure in rural Kenya.

CRC-TRR 228 Receives research funding for additional 4 years

Bonn, Germany, 25 November, 2021 The Collaborative Research Center (CRC-TRR 228), Future Rural Africa project has received the funding approval for an additional four years ...
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A group of female researchers during the CRC Summer School discussing research project posters.

Female researcher’s grant 2021: Call for applications

The aim of the grant is to promote female researchers at all stages of their careers. Support is given to creative scientific ideas that fit ...
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Rural Futures Pod Logo

Podcast: Covid-19 shocks in rural and urban Africa

CRC-TRR 228 \’Future Rural Africa\’ · COVID-19 shocks in rural Africa: Preliminary findings of ongoing research The Future Rural Africa podcast, is a research series ...
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An illustration image of two individuals meeting. Image courtesy of Freepic

Reflections on global north south partnerships

Triggered by the worldwide protests against police violence and the related debates against structural forms of discrimination that unfolded after the violent killing of George ...
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Workshop on global north and south partnerships screenshot

Establishing horizontal partnerships on scientific North-South partnerships?

Following the debates about Black Lives Matter raised questions on postcolonial continuities and racist structures within academic partnerships. This is especially relevant with regard to ...
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Early-career researchers in a group workshop during the CRC Summer School 2020.

Summer School 2020

African Rural Futures: Debates, Theories, and Challenges Rattled by the adverse effects of COVID-19, the year 2020 continues to exemplify the global phase unprecedented with ...
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Book in library with open textbook,education learning concept

Workshop: North-South research partnerships

The worldwide outcry after the violent death of George Floyd is a fierce reminder that racism and structural forms of discrimination are still omnipresent. Amidst ...
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Foreground of objects on the working place: eyeglasses, diagrammes, laptop, notebook

Anthropology from home

By Matian van Soest Magdalena Góralska (2020): Anthropology from Home: Advice on Digital Ethnography for the Pandemic Times. Anthropology in Action 27(1): 46-52. DOI “Whatever ...
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Book in library with open textbook,education learning concept

Structural Discrimination in Academia

Debating partnerships, collaboration, and research in Africa in the context of #BlackLivesMatter. The recent, violent death of George Floyd and the subsequent worldwide protests against ...
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Ghanian citizens receive food distributed by the government during the Corona Virus Pandemic. Photo courtesy of

COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa: A momentum for change

While the western World is grappling with the spread of the novel Corona Virus, dozens of prominent intellectuals, writers and academics from across Africa have ...
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Team Members

Michael Bollig Portrait

Prof. Dr. Michael Bollig

University of Cologne

Z01 Faller Monika

Monika Faller

University of Bonn

portrait image of David Greven of Project Z01

David Greven

University of Cologne

Clara Hoeller Project Z01

Clara Höller

University of Cologne

Z01 Kahindi Noah

Noah Kahindi

University of Cologne

Z01 Klagge Britta

Prof. Dr. Britta Klagge

University of Bonn

Z01 Maevis Carolin

Dr. Carolin Maevis

University of Cologne

Photo of Caro-Neubert Project Z01

Caroline Neubert

University of Cologne

Z01 Van Soest Matian

Dr. Matian van Soest

University of Cologne

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