Kick-Off 2nd Funding Phase & CRC Summer School 2022 Windhoek (19-23 September)

The kick-off event for the CRC’s second funding phase in Windhoek is around the corner.

On Monday, 19 September 2022 participants from high ranking government institutions, NGOs, the Namibian and international academic landscape and the private sector gather in Windhoek to kick-off the second funding phase (2022-2025) of the “Collaborative Research Centre Future Rural Africa”.

With great delight and humility, we are able to present a top-notch variety of renowned  and exciting panelists and keynote speakers for this event . Kick-off programme here.

The kick-off event is followed by the CRC summer school at UNAM campus in Windhoek. On Tuesday, students from UNAM and the CRC have the opportunity to indulge in a wide variety of panel presentations  relating to the themes of “Nature Conservation & Local Practices”, “Ecology and Land Transformation”, and “Economic Development and Community Empowerment”. Click here for detailed information on panel presentations.

In the following days participants can engage in extensive method training-programmes including a workshop on “Anthropological Field Work and Methods”, “Archives and Historical Methods Training”, “Impact Evaluation and Development of Nature Conservation Programmes” as well as a course on “Data Collection, Organization and Visualisation” for empirical fieldwork with QGIS-software.

Part of the summer school is a lecture series open to the public taking place in the evenings of 20 September – 22 September.

More information on the public lecture series can be found here.

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