CRC-TRR Public Lecture: Endangered Futures? – Dr. Boniface Kiteme (CETRAD, Kenya)

Mon | Oct 17, 2022 | 16:15 – 17:45  CEST

Public Lectures Series: Dr. Boniface Kiteme (CETRAD, Kenya)

Endangered futures? – Land-use transformation and sustainability in the larger Mount Kenya-Ewaso-Ngiro landscape

The arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL) of Northern Kenya are currently undergoing a rapid transformation that is threatening the social-ecological sustainability of the wider area and the livelihoods of local populations. These processes are largely driven by external interventions like the activities around the LAPSSET development corridor, large-scale agricultural investments, conflicts over water and pasture, and emerging conservation models. The situation has been the object of numerous research projects and publications. Yet, scientists have so far been rather reluctant to address the practical implications of their findings. This is the mandate of CETRAD (Centre for Training and Integrated Research in ASAL Development), a centre based in Nanyuki in the middle of the research area. CETRAD´s goal is to design and implement knowledge co-production and develop robust engagement platforms that contribute to bridging the science-policy-practice gap. The lecture will present findings of several comprehensive studies conducted by CETRAD in collaborative research and discuss the question how to translate research findings into innovative development actions.



Südbau, Übungsraum 3

University of Cologne, Institute of Geography

Otto-Fischer-Straße 4

50674 Cologne


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