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A cover image for the research initiative "sharing a planet in peril"

Research Initiative 2023: Sharing a Planet In Peril

The interrelated crises associated with Global Environmental Change (GEC) – including biodiversity loss, climate change and the depletion of soils and waters – are mounting …

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Cover Image with the Logo of Future Rural Africa and the DKG 2023

The Promises and Perils of Infrastructure – Envisioning Desirable Futures in the Global South: Future Rural Africa at DKG ’23

The German Geography Association “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geographie (DGfG)” and the Institutes of Physical Geography and Institute of Human Geography at Frankfurt University are conducting …

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WEB IMG 20210630 123027 384 Gideon Tups

Publication: Hope and Path Development in ‘Left-Behind’ Places – a Southern Perspective

By Gideon Tups, Enock Sackala and Peter Dannenberg, Project C01 Future in Chains. AbstractDespite universalising ambition, the literature on ‘left-behind’ places is dominated by viral, …

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WEB IMG 0458 scaled

Can Conservation and Agriculture Work together for Inclusive Regional Development in the Zambezi Region?

Blog Post by Carolin Hulke, Project C01 “Future in Chains”. Future Rural Africa Subproject C01 “Future in Chains” studies socio-ecological transformation in cross-border growth corridors, …

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David Greven Ruination Pub Image 3

Publication: Bursting Pipes and Broken Dreams – On Ruination and Reappropriation of Large-Scale Water Infrastructure in Baringo County, Kenya

By David Greven, Project C02 “Energy Futures” Abstract In the course of Kenya’s Vision 2030 development plan, the Kenyan Northern Rift Valley recently became the …

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Flower Farm in Kenya

Publication: Suspending Ruination – Preserving the Ambiguous Potentials of a Kenyan Flower Farm

By Anna Lisa Ramella, Mario Schmidt (Poject C06 “Testing Futures”) and Megan A. Styles (University of Illinois Springfield) Abstract This article focuses on the financial …

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Logo der Boas Blog Serie Contested Knowledge

[DE] Boas Blog: “Content Warning? Kritische und sensible Wissensvermittlung in der ethnologischen Lehre”

In dieser Ausgabe der “Contested Knowledge” Serie der Boasblogs befassen sich Hauke-Peter Vehrs (Future Rural Africa Projekt A04 “Future Conservation”), Lamine Doumbia (Universität Bayreuth) Katrin …

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Cover Image with the Logos of the CRC "Future Rural Africa"

Publication: In the Ruins of Past Lives – Remembering, Belonging and Claiming in Katimok, Highland Rural Kenya

By Léa Lacan, Project A04 “Future Conservation” Abstract This article explores how local inhabitants living near the Katimok Forest in Baringo County, Kenya, engage with …

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CRC Researcher Evelyne Owino during a presentation in June of 2023

CRC-TRR 228 Future Rural Africa Researcher Evelyne Owino at the Conference on Natural Resource Management and Conflict in Africa

TUE I June 27, 2023 I Copenhagen, Denmark Evelyne Owino, researcher from Project B03 “Violent Futures” gave a presentation at the Conference on Natural Resource …

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A cover image with the logo of the crc future rural africa

Video Lecture: Women Missionaries and Colonial Silences in Kenya’s Female “Circumcision” Controversy, 1906-30 – David Anderson

David Anderson, Project A02 “Past Futures” gave a presentation as part of the Faculty Lecture Series on 26 November 2022. Find the full video lecture …

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A cover image of the CRC Future Rural Africa

Workshop: Imposter Syndrome – A Mindful Approach to Imposter Experiences

On Monday, the 19th of June, 2023, CRC female researchers met in a workshop on “Imposter Syndrome: A Mindful Approach to Imposter Experiences” initiated by …

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cover image with the logos of the crc future rural africa and the ERC rewilding

Cologne International Forum: Project Interview ERC Rewilding

The Cologne International Forum met with Léa Lacan, who is a researcher in the ERC Rewilding project and an associate team member of CRC-TRR 228 …

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Picture of a full auditorium with a group of panelists sitting on a stage. The picture depicts the ECAS 2023 opening roundtable

Future Rural Africa Researcher Fenny Ndapewa Nakanyete Panelist at ECAS 2023 Opening Roundtable: Is there a Future for African Studies In Europe?

CRC-TRR 228 Future Rural Africa researcher Fenny Ndapewa Nakanyete (Project C01 Future in Chains; middle) was part of the panel of the opening day roundtable …

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poster of david anderson presentaiton on the contest for caprivi

Online Lecture: The Contest for Caprivi: Tshekedi Khama & Bechuanaland’s Bid for Control – David Anderson

Wed | June 21, 2023 | 17:30 CEST Join us for 9th episode of Ko Isong public lecture organised by The Botswana Society: Click here …

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A cover image with the logo of the crc future rural africa

New Publication: Large Infrastructure Projects and Cascading Land Grabs – The Case of Northern Kenya

By Evelyne Owino (Project B03 Violent Futures), Kennedy Mkutu (Project B03 Violent Futures) and Charis Enns. Abstract From around the beginning of the current millennium, …

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Picture: Nairobi, Kenya © wollwerth, Envato Elements

“Future-making refers to the way how ideas, expectations and imaginations of the future inform action in the present”

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