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Wawili Toolbox Entry 1: Kudee and Peter

Karam nyoman! We would like to introduce ourselves: Kudee and Peter. As one of the two teams participating in the ‘Mtu ni Watu’ project, we ...
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New Publication: Incentives for biodiversity conservation under asymmetric land ownership

By Lisa Biber-Freudenberger and Jan Börner (CRC-TRR Project A05 Future Roads) in collaboration with Qambemeda M.Nyanghura (University of Bonn). Abstract The effectiveness of biodiversity conservation ...
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A wetland area in Tanzania

[DE] Neue Publikation: Krise als Zukunftschance – Ist die Landflucht der Jugend in Afrika zu stoppen?

Von Peter Dannenberg, Future Rural Africa Teilprojekt C01 Future in Chains. Investitionen in die Modernisierung und landwirtschaftliche Transformation kann die Abwanderung junger Menschen aus ländlichen ...
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Mt Kilimanjaro

Wawili Toolbox Entry 4: Introduction to our research area – The Amboseli ecosystem

The Amboseli ecosystem is the land that surrounds the Amboseli National Park found in south-western Kenya along the Kenya-Tanzania border, and lies on the northern ...
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Mt Paka in Kenya

Wawili Toolbox Entry 3: East Pokot

What’s East Pokot? East Pokot is a region named after a group of people called Pokot who live in Kenya. It’s a pastoral community with a ...
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Wawili Toolbox Entry 2: Betty, Francis and Richard

My name is Richard Kiaka. I am an anthropologist researching on a wide range of topics, especially on community conservation. I did fieldwork for my ...
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CRC-TRR Future Rural Africa Researcher Theobald Frank Theodory Awarded Professorship at Mzumbe University

Prof. Theobald Frank Theodory has been involved with the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC-TRR) Future Rural Africa since before its official launch in 2018. After attaining ...
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Interdisciplinary Workshop: Rewilding Species, Landscapes, Society – Dialogues across the Humanities, the Social and the Natural Sciences

5-6 February 2024 Workshop organized by the ERC Rewilding, CRC-TRR 228 Future Rural Africa and Global South Studies Center (GSSC). AbstractRewilding is a relatively new ...
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Soil characteristics within vegetation patches are sensitive indicators of savanna rangeland degradation in central Namibia

By Katrin Zimmer (University of Bonn), Vistorina Amputu (University of Tübingen), Lisa-Maricia Schwarz (University of Bonn), Anja Linstädter (University of Bonn & CRC-TRR 228 Project ...
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Research Initiative Sharing a Planet in Peril invited to submit full proposal for a Cluster of Excellence

2 February 2024 The research initiative “Sharing a Planet in Peril” is building an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers in order to examine how ...
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Living with ruins: ruination and future-making in Kenya (and beyond) – CRC-TRR 228 Led Open Access Special Issue of Journal of Eastern African Studies

Uroš Kovač (Future Rural Africa Project B04 Projecting Futures) and Anna Lisa Ramella (Future Rural Africa Project C06 Testing Futures) edited a special issue of ...
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Publication: Climatic Effects on Soil Phosphorus Pools and Availability in Sub-Saharan Africa

By L. M. Chabala, C. Shepande, A. Sandhage-Hofmann, W. Amelung (CRC-TRR Project A01 Future Carbon Storage) in collaboration with N. Mutwale-Mutale, F. Jorge, B. H. ...
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Abandoned Infrastructure Undertaking in Ethiopia

Call for Contributions: Ghost projects  –  ruined futures and the promises of infrastructure development

Call for contributions to a special issue of Third World Quarterly Abstract of the special issue: Many low-income countries are spotted by ruins of development ...
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Call for Papers : Infrastructure Projects in the Global South

Call for Papers: Special Issue – Infrastructure Projects in the Global South and their unintended consequences

In this special issue of Review of Regional Research , our aim is to examine the ramifications of unintended outcomes stemming from different modern and ...
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Cover image announcing the winner of the choice outstanding academic title award 2023

Joint Publication between CRC-TRR Future Rural Africa and University of Namibia among Outstanding Academic Titles 2023

The publication “Conservation, Markets & the Environment in Southern Africa: Commodifying the ‘Wild'”, edited by CRC-TRR 228 Future Rural Africa speaker Michael Bollig, Selma Lendelvo, ...
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Picture: Nairobi, Kenya © wollwerth, Envato Elements

“Future-making refers to the way how ideas, expectations and imaginations of the future inform action in the present”

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