Upcoming workshop 18/11/21: Socioecological changes and conflicting visions

Gotu bridge in Kenya. Construction work along the LAPSSET corridor.

The wake of large infrastructural projects across Africa has opened up a vibrant debate on the consequent social, economic and political changes. Notably, market and resource changes surrounding the livelihood of the local communities. An example of such projects is the Lamu Port, South Sudan, Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET) in Kenya, which spans across six countries along arid/semi-arid pastoral rangelands, areas largely inhabited by pastoralists. While these acclaimed large-scale mega-projects are responsible for developmental changes of the rural marginalized terrains, there are looming questions surrounding ecological and social implications. Will this new wave mark the start of developmental prosperity for rural communities, or will it foster displacement and further exclusion?

The United States International University (USIU-Africa), institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IPPIA), the Japan Society for Promotion of Science, the Bonn International Center for Conflict (BICC), and the University of Warwick will be hosting a seminar on, ‘Sociological Changes and Conflicting Visions at Frontiers of Development in East Africa’ on 18th November 2021, from 9:00, am – 4:00 pm East African Time. The seminar will take place in a hybrid format, blending in-person and virtual attendance. The call for paper presentation is open. Interested individuals can do so by emailing one of the below-listed organizers with an abstract of the paper by Friday, 29th October 2021. More information about this seminar is accessible here. Registration for the event can be done via this link.

Dr. Klerkson Lugusa: klugusa@usiu.ac.ke
Evelyne Owino: mcowino.evelyne@gmail.com
Nobu Inazumi: nobu.inazumi@gmail.com

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