[Video] Prof. Javier Revilla Diez: The Growth Corridor Vision and its Realities – Insights for Development in Africa


In January 2023 Prof. Javier Revilla Díez (CRC Project C01) travelled to The London School of Economics and Political Science to present some of the results of the research on growth corridors in Southern Africa, undertaken by him and his team.

While the overall aim of Future Rural Africa project C01 “Future in Chains” is to explain socio-ecological transformation in cross-border growth corridors, and assess long-term developments and adaptive capacities connecnted to emerging (inter-)national value chains in the SAGCOT and KAZA regions, in his presentation Prof. Revilla Díez focused on the following points:

Table of Contents

1. Vision of the Future – Rationales of growth corridors

2. Methods

3. Corridor realities: Walvis-Bay, Ndol, Lubumbashi Development Corridor (WBNLDC) and the Global Tourism Value Chain

  • Mobilizing natural assets
  • Livelihood impact
  • Future prospect – trinity of change agency applied

4. Conclusion

Find the full video here:

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