My Experience as an Applied Mathematics PhD-Student at the Future Rural Africa Summer School 2023 in Arusha

By Faraja Luhanda, Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST)

I am Faraja Luhanda, a PhD student at The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST), specializing in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science. My research focuses on the mathematical modeling of zoonotic infectious disease transmitted through direct contact with infected individuals or contaminated environments, such as contaminated food or water.

I discovered the CRC-TRR 228 Future Rural Africa Summer School 2023 through Dr. Maranya Mayengo, my supervisor at NM-AIST, and Ms. Sabrina Msangi. Ms. Msangi provided details on the application process and the summer school program, which immediately piqued my interest. The alignment of my research with CRC-TRR228 Future Rural Africa, particularly its focus on the environment and human involvement, made it a compelling opportunity.

Close up image of research results presented in the form of a cartoon
An emphasis of the 2023 Future Rural Africa Summer School was on the presentation of scientific results. In this session, students where taught how to visually present their research as a cartoons.

Participating in the summer school has profoundly impacted my research journey. It has offered me fresh insights, expanded my academic network, and opened doors to potential collaborations. This experience has broadened my horizons, providing a deeper understanding of the complexity of rural African issues and innovative methods for communicating research results through comics and media. Additionally, I have built a global network that I believe will shape my research career.

Group of scientists during Summer School 2023
Faraja (2nd from left) during a group session at the Future Rural Africa Summer School 2023 in Arusha.

The cultural exchange among participants has been enlightening, with diverse perspectives enriching our discussions and deepening our understanding of ethical research conduct and open science initiatives. I am immensely grateful for the enlightening experience of the summer school and eagerly anticipate continued engagement with CRC-TRR228 Future Rural Africa. In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt thanks to the organizing team for making this opportunity possible.

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